Graphic & Motion Design

October 6, 2013

Culture on the Corridor

Corridor Manchester is a unique type of partnership. It brings together partner organisations with the aim of ensuring that the Corridor is the leading UK location for knowledge-based businesses, research & development and learning and knowledge. Members of each of the aforementioned Corridor partners have come together to form the Culture on the Corridor Group. The combination of these organisations provides a rich Cultural offering on the Corridor, giving the area a unique vibe. Cultural attractions include: Manchester Museum Whitworth Art Gallery (both University of Manchester assets), Capitol Theatre The Deaf Institute and Manchester Academy.

The Culture of Manchester has artistic, architectural, musical, sporting, theatrical and creative breadth, comparable to any significant international city.

To bring all these diverse offerings together Corridor asked me to design a logo which could be used not only on their own blog but across the partners’ own websites to signify cultural events that are happening at their venues.

The logo I designed takes the form of a speech mark, signifying the coming together and conversation of people in Manchester because of these events. The logo was designed in several colour variations, utilising the 3 core Corridor Manchester brand colours, so one can be chosen to best suit the site on which it is being displayed.