Graphic & Motion Design

August 4, 2013


The rock musical RENT reached it’s 20th Anniversary this year and to celebrate the 2 decades since it’s first performance a concert of the smash-hit songs was put to the stage. As a backdrop to the performances, film-maker Zoe Hitchen was commissioned to create emotive visuals to be shown on a large digital screen on-stage. As part of this visuals I was enlisted by Zoe to create some animation for the song, ‘Seasons of Love’.

As one of the most iconic songs of the musical, they wanted to get real fan tributes onto the screen, emulating the close of the show on Broadway when fans wrote tributes all over the walls of the theatre. I created a mash-up of of these tributes animating on to the screen as if they were being written there and then.

RENT 20th Anniversary Concert