British Commercial Vehicle Museum

The British Commercial Vehicle Museum in Leyland houses classic buses, early fire engines and other historic commercial vehicles produced by the British manufacturing industry. Based in a former building of the iconic Leyland Motor, the space underwent a complete refurbishment and redisplay of the classic motors and I worked with the museum to create a series of interactive digital labels to sit alongside the vehicles.

With the building being highly sought after for events and showcases, the vehicles are regularly moved and rearranged so the client needed the ability to change the screens easily. I created a modular system that showcased either 2 or 3 vehicles on the main menu screen depending on what was needed at the time. On selecting a vehicle the user was presented with a bold, concise overview of the history and technical stats.

Alongside this content for the technical aficionados, we created a supplementary game section for all ages, with a range of quizzes and interactive stories.


RFA Design / Fuzzy Duck Creative


content development, ux design, graphic design