Royal Parks – Brompton Cemetery: Death & Burial in Different Cultures

In 2017 I worked with Royal Parks London to create a temporary exhibition for Brompton Cemetery, titled Death & Burial in Different Cultures. Based on the concept of a ‘Death Cafe’ the installation was in the style of a cafe where people could share their experiences of death and burial in a relaxed environment. The exhibition summarised the findings from a 6 month project exploring with communities local to Brompton Cemetery what diverse communities could share from their own traditions.

The exhibition panels offered a brief overview of Brompton Cemetery and its role in the community, before going on to summarise the community project. Visitors were encouraged to sit within the cafe environment, complete with teacups and sugar bowl, to discuss their thoughts on the project findings. The exhibition ran for a 2 week period in the central space of the Brompton Cemetery Chapel.


Royal Parks / Fuzzy Duck Creative


interpretive planning, content development, creative direction, design