Discovery Point Dundee – Flag Game

The Discovery Point Museum opened in 1993 and in 2017 the Dundee Heritage Trust obtained funding to upgrade the galleries to create a compelling and more impactful visitor experience to tell the story of the famous RRS Discovery ship. As part of the refurbishment, Fuzzy Duck Creative were commissioned to develop a number of audio-visual installations. 

One of these was an interactive game to design Sledge Flags which were used by early Antarctic explorers to brand their sledges with the country and commanding officers heraldry. I developed and designed a touchscreen interactive that presented Information about the flags and their role in polar expeditions. Visitors were then encouraged to make their own; being presented with sizes, shapes, colours and images to choose from. Their final designs could then be emailed to friends at the end.


Dundee Heritage Trust / Fuzzy Duck Creative


creative direction, design