Commonwealth War Graves – Noor Inayat-Khan: Digital Exhibition

The story of Noor Inayat-Khan is one of service, sacrifice and courage – of a fascinating woman who defied boundaries and expectations to do whatever was necessary to liberate the world from Nazi oppression. I worked alongside the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to tell Noor’s incredible story at the Runnymede RAF Memorial where she is commemorated. We created a rich multimedia digital exhibition accessed via visitors’ own mobile devices. The remote location of the site meant the exhibition had to be hosted and delivered by an independent WiFi system called InfoPoint.

The digital exhibition combined a wealth of archival research and imagery alongside newly created illustrated animations and interactive games to fully immerse the user in the murky world of the WW2 spy. Each chapter had an illustrated animated introduction, leading to archival content explored via a skeuomorphic menu. This gave an engaging entry point but also allowed self-guided exploration which was key for the experience to be appropriate for varying levels of age and interest. It allowed and encouraged deeper levels of interpretation of the surrounding wider themes relating to Noor’s story.


Commonwealth War Graves Commission / Fuzzy Duck Creative


interpretive planning, content development, creative direction, UX design, UI design