Leigh-on-Sea Education Pack

Leigh-on-Sea is a small port town in Essex which has a wealth of cultural heritage spanning 1000 years of maritime activity. At the centre of this is the Leigh Heritage Centre which preserves and shares the stories of its people and industries. Leigh is a particularly good place for school visits as it has a wealth of history in a small, accessible area and provides insights into a time before the Southend area was as built up and heavily populated as it is today.

The pack provides information to get Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils started on further research and creative writing, relating to the National Curriculum. I worked with the team at Leigh Heritage Centre and Cultural Engine to design the pack as a series of individual worksheets, that are stored in an outer folder, so the pupils could pull out and access certain areas when they needed it. Each worksheet contained a combination of archive imagery and illustrative assets to bring the history to life.


Leigh Heritage Centre / Cultural Engine


design, creative direction