Bawdsey Radar Station

Bawdsey Manor and its surrounding estate in Suffolk was the birthplace of radar technology in the early 1900s. In 2016, the Bawdsey Radar Trust were awarded £1.8m to conserve the main Transmitter Block building. As well as showing the conserved fabric of the building, the Trust wanted to develop both physical and virtual ways for the visitors understand how the early work at Bawdsey laid the foundation for a fascinating social and scientific history, its use in WW2 and current technologies.

I worked with exhibition designers PLB, to help bring this vision to life across graphic panels, interactives and engaging films. From bold animations telling the science of radar, to a giant physical interactive timeline and aerial filming of the entire estate, the zoned exhibition takes you through over 100 years of fascinating history.

I was responsible for translating the fascinating story onto engaging panel designs and overseeing the creative direction of the animated, film and digital content.


PLB / Fuzzy Duck Creative


design, creative direction