Souter Lighthouse – Remembering Marsden

Marsden Village was a settlement north of Souter Lighthouse, once a thriving community of 700 people. Built as a mining village in 1874 to house the workers at the new Whitburn Colliery, Marsden was completely demolished soon after the mine closed in 1968 and the people moved to new, modern council houses in nearby Whitburn.

I worked with the team at Souter Lighthouse to bring the village back to life, creating a mini exhibition in a cosy space within the lighthouse building. Based on a series of oral history recordings from former residents, the space was reimagined as a living room setting, evoking the memories of those who lived in Marsden. Visitors were encouraged to sit in the space, and reflect on those stories told as they echoed around the room. A hardback book recounted the oral histories in print, and feedback cards allowed visitors to contribute their own experiences, and then display them on a clothes horse!


National Trust / Fuzzy Duck Creative


interpretive planning, space planning, creative direction, design